Painter/Digital Media Artist

I am a Black woman who has grown up in the United States and my work explores my personal experiences within that narrative. Using a highly saturated color palette, I fabricate surreal depictions with no anchor in space and time encouraged by my visual influences from sci-fi/fantasy. Encouraging self-acceptance and building tolerance for unique appearances are consistent themes within my portfolio and it is my hope that women of color, who have felt as isolated as I have, can see themselves in the visuals of my work. Black women are a marginalized group of people within American society and its due time to start having informative conversations regarding how the world see's us. Drawing inspiration from the natural hair movement, which encourages non-conformity and legitimacy of afro textured hair, I often depict hair as a defining characteristic of my subjects because I am passionate about the power that comes from individuals embracing their unique characteristics. I have seen the magic it has worked in my own life. Afrofuturistic can describe some of my pieces, which concentrates on placing people of color in a futuristic, surreal or fantasy aesthetic. This genre can be found in books, music, productions, and various art forms, all with the hopes of uplifting the Black community to see a future in which they are represented and thriving. 

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Tulsa, OK, USA



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