Painter/Digital Media Artist

My work explores my personal experience of being a black woman growing up within the united states. I want my paintings to encourage self-acceptance and build tolerance for unique appearances. I hope to relate to women of color who have felt as isolated as I have within European beauty standards. Additionally, I want to start informative conversations about a marginalized group of people within American society.

I draw inspiration from the natural hair movement, which encourages non-conformity and legitimacy of afro textured hair. I want to put an emphasis on the power that comes from individuals embracing their unique characteristics. 

Using a highly saturated and bright color palette, I fabricate surreal depictions with no anchor in space and time. I create with an undercurrent of my visual influences from sci-fi and fantasy. My work is also heavily inspired by Afrofuturism, which concentrates on placing people of color in a futuristic or fantasy aesthetic. This genre can be found in books, music, productions, and various art forms. All with the hopes of uplifting the black community to see a future in which they are represented and thrive. 

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Tulsa, OK, USA



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