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Naima Lowe

Mixed Media Artist

My video, performance, drawing, sculpture and collaborative projects emerge from a critical core belief: Black cultural production/utterance is expansive, inclusive, collaborative and always about teaching, learning and mentorship across generations. This belief is informed and upheld by my commitment to, love for, and never-ending curiosity about Black people and Black culture. Improvisation, as an embodiment of black ingenuity, creativity, generosity and survival, offers me a vast artistic tool kit and shared vocabulary with artists of many disciplines and backgrounds. As an improviser, I embrace the tensions between structure and spontaneity; tradition and innovation; individuality and collectivism. I am comfortable in the discomfort of not knowing all the answers, and put trust in my audiences to do the same. My artistic output aligns with my values and practices as a teacher, activist and community leader. My work comes from my heart and represents the world that I wish to create and inhabit.

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